The First 6 …

Robert A. Costa Jr.

[Business Development Manager, Sales Professional, Speaker, Philanthropist]

It’s now been 6 months since joining Capeway Roofing Systems, Inc heading Business Development and I continue to wonder where the time has gone. Starting with any company can typically feel overwhelming because of overcoming the learning curves at the same time, getting “thrown into the fire” as they say. For those who don’t know Capeway Roofing you can explore a little further here ( but for now, the quick and short is that we are a commercial & industrial roofing organization serving building owners, general contractors and architects across New England. Certainly, all things roofing.

In the short time I have been here, so much has been accomplished yet so much will continue to be. Areas such as brand improvement, operating efficiency, customer engagement, building and maintaining human capital and improving the Capeway experience.  “Often a sign of expertise is noticing what doesn’t happen.” – Malcom Gladwell.  You are able to perfect this by being knowledgeable enough and having the humility to be open-minded. Knowing how high the bar needs to be set with quality of workmanship, and customer experience allows us to compete on a national level in all facets of roofing.

What was interesting but shocking to me after working with my first 100 customers was that there is not enough educating going on in the world of commercial roofing. So many contractors propose roof systems and expect the potential customer to know the difference in options, and what the variables are that dictate price points.

The most important things for our customers to know is our “WHY” then it’s our “WHAT.” To know you will be taken care of: honestly, professionally, and timely. To know that your roof has been installed correctly the first time, every time. To know you are safe from repairs and leaks in the future when we leave our contractor guarantee, and certified warranty for the next 20+ years. There’s this little saying that goes like this, “everyone is a roofing expert until it’s time to be a roofing expert.” As sad as it is, the roof of your building tends to only be a priority when it’s time to be a priority. Join a roof management program. Being proactive on your roof maintenance will always decrease costs over the big picture.

We understand the urgency, we understand many don’t know what they don’t know and that the roof repair process or that purchasing a new roof can be very stressful and frustrating. With all of this front of mind it helps our techs, customer service reps, and leadership understand what the customer is going through. Not only do we stay educated on the roofing technical aspects for the benefit of our customers, but we stay educated on the wants and needs of our customers.

The key is to delve deep, bring unique solutions to the table, and make the whole experience more enjoyable for everyone.

I am having a blast here and looking forward to doing more, doing it better and making a bigger contribution.

Feel free to reach out. I would love to hear from you.


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Building Coverage Concerns for Cannabis.

multi-tenant-light-commercialRobert Costa Jr – Risk Advisor – FBinsure

March 17, 2017

Are you aware?

As is the case with most insurance issues related to Cannabis, the risks involved in property insurance can be very complex.

Being a property owner of a single building or a commercial condo and allowing a tenant to run a marijuana operation can be very risky. First thing first, make sure they are licensed in the appropriate state to do so before allowing them to move onto your property. Below are 3 of my top concerns when it comes to insurance coverage on your building or property.


At FBinsure we run a series of seminars throughout the year and always make certain one of them is based on contracts and legal counsel as it relates to insurance requirements. Is your condo association policy written correctly? Do you have proper contractual requirements and insurance requirements in place with your tenants?

Is your lease written to ensure you are protected as much as possible? Do your tenants have the appropriate insurance to respond in the event of a loss?

Strong legal language in your lease agreements makes all the difference in the world at the time of a loss or lawsuit. You may have heard of terms such as hold harmless or additional insured. This language should be supported with additional indemnification language, waivers of subrogation, and primary and non-contributory language.

Building Coverage:

If you are a building owner and have a legal marijuana operation as a tenant, this can and will cancel your insurance coverage if made known to the carrier and they were not already aware. If the carrier is not aware and a claim should arise you can face the denial of a claim. This could turn into a nightmare, and a significant out of pocket expense.

However if you are a tenant in a Triple Net Lease and are responsible for the insurance of the building; the insurance company you are dealing with for your cannabis growing operation can often insure the building as well.

*Advice – Please make sure you are working with an advisor who is familiar with the cannabis insurance landscape.

Risk Management:

There are only so many insurance carriers who are willing to write these types of policies.   A proper risk management plan for your entity is critical. Transparency in your communication with the carrier is one of the greatest tools to controlling your insurance program.

*Advice – Work with an agent who has experience in risk management and cannabis underwriters.

What controversies have you faced or come across?  

Think about it….I would love to hear from you.

How can I help?

Ever think about the RISK of being on a Non-Profit Board?

This is great! You’ve been asked to be on the Board of Directors of a Non-Profit organization. You’re excited and can’t wait to get to work. There are a million different ideas coming to mind about what you can do to help the organization and advance their fundraising efforts.

Before you sign on the dotted line, take a step back. There are things to think about before you begin such a venture.  As a Director of the Corporation you have responsibilities to uphold.

Every decision you make needs to physically, financially and legally be in the best interest of that organization. This includes best practices in Risk Management and Insurance. D&O Coverage (Directors & Officers) is part of the insurance program that you should have in place. It will only help protect your organizations’ assets and the assets of key employees, and fellow board members.

The definition of Directors & Officers Liability Coverage as defined by Travelers Insurance Co states: Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability insurance helps cover defense costs and damages (awards and settlements) arising out of wrongful act allegations and lawsuits brought against an organization’s board of directors and/or officers.

If you are reading this from the Non-Profit organization point of view:

You want to make sure you have D&O coverage to attract and retain qualified candidates for your board. Many of these people will require it for their involvement. They do NOT want to be involved with an organization that may put them at risk.

If you are reading this from the Board Member point of view:

You want to make sure your Non-Profit organization has this coverage. Not having it and waking up one day to realize someone is suing the organization and is coming after your personal assets; could change your life.

Require your organization to carry Directors & Officers Liability Coverage.

Board members are board members because they want to help and do the right thing. They want to spend their valuable time focusing on fundraising goals, fulfilling missions and progressing the Non-Profit organizations. Having to spend time in court, pay penalties and legal fees will drastically reduce your ability to do this and the Non-Profit will surely suffer.

It is critical that you protect yourself, family and your personal assets.

In the words of the mighty Super Bowl XI Champions, The New England Patriots,  “Do your job.” D&O  is a responsibility that is absolutely necessary and which should not be taken lightly.

If you would like to take a look at your current policy or are considering adding D&O coverage to your existing policies, I would be happy to speak with you.

“Now get back out there and get to work!”

Support / Give / Donate Concept

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Tim Sykes & Co Utilizes Risk Management, So Should You


Robert A. Costa Jr.

Risk Advisor, Executive Director, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Philanthropist, Do-Gooder

Tim Sykes & Co Utilizes Risk Management, So Should You

Lessons from spending a weekend in Florida with celebrity Wall Street Investor & Trader, Tim Sykes

January 19, 2017

“80-90% of traders fail because they don’t have a system and I can most likely say this holds true in business as well.”

When I think Florida a few things may come to mind: beautiful beaches, restaurants, hotels, cars, fashion or even beautiful people. It’s a place celebrity’s walk the walk.  Tim Sykes, a world renowned stock market trader and investor threw his “2016 Trader & Investor Summit” last fall, over in Orlando. He didn’t host the conference in Florida to show off, but more importantly to put into perspective how hard work, patience, and discipline will pay off in the GREEN.  (no pun intended)  Along with making millions in the stock market, he is an entrepreneur, president of multiple organizations:, Investimonials.COM, and Millionaire Media/Stocks to Trade. He is also a philanthropist by night, as he has set out to build 1,000 schools in 3rd world countries, already having 10 built.  More a reason for have a well balanced life. ‘Everything you do today, will influence you in the next 5, 10, 15 years” – Tim Sykes TISummit, 2016

The 3 day conference had multiple speakers and meet and greets, including a VIP cocktail party. While educational and informative lessons were given around the proper way of investing, there were also some life lessons to be taught.  On the subject of picking your career wisely, and making the best out of life, my biggest take away was when Martin Tillier, a retired sweat shop investor for a huge VC’s in Europe, NY, and Tokyo, now day trader said “ When you pick a career to just make money, you start to question your existence, for me … that was a problem.”

Martin sure did have a point. You see, I have been in sales for multiple organizations and have started a non-profit, giving back to children’s charities.  As a Risk Advisor in the Commercial Insurance world, I am able to help other businesses with our unique “Process.”  The process of properly identifying risks and controlling them to ensure the right coverage and overall cost in the market.  There is no better feeling than knowing I am continuing to put organizations I work with in a better financial position.  What business/person wouldn’t want more freed up revenue where they can put in their pocket or invest it back into their business.

Little did Tim know, a professional Risk Advisor for FBinsure, one of the largest commercial insurance and risk management shops in New England would be sitting in. I was there to learn about Trading and Investing in the stock market, but It was in my DNA to analyze everything as I particularly always do.  Analyzing the investing piece, to his teaching practices, and of course the overall picture of how risk management applies and is needed in any business, including making trades in the stock market.

It was a bit of relief to learn that multi millionaire investors from across the country practice the same principles we stand by at FBinsure. Our philosophy has always been, you need to, need to, need to, have a process.  Buying insurance by getting quotes is flawed, without the proper process to identify the risks you face.  This would be similar to hitting the “invest” button without doing any research into that trade.  I teach this day in and day out to businesses across the country.  It is critical for success.

What a relief it was when I heard, “You have to have a process.” – Kunal Desai (President, Bulls on Wallstreet) shouted out. He must have repeated himself 5 times to really get the audience to understand this.   “You need to identify, analyze and implement” before every trade.  I was in heaven.  The pioneers of self made trading in the stock market preach the same exact thing we do.  It was like an epiphany went off.  I was mapping out the correlation in my head. As a trade in the stock market is implemented, so is an insurance program. First identification of risk, then to analyze it, finally implementation with a strategy behind it.  All 3 steps a business needs to take before entering an insurance program, as you do an investment.

If you think about it, choosing a risk management process that works in line with your insurance program is of course an investment to get you a better position in the market. Precisely, as it is to invest on Wall Street.  All for a better position.

During my career I have seen a significant amount of business’s in various industries. Spoken to numerous millionaires and Presidents of businesses such as Tim Sykes, and regardless of what we all do … WE have a process … and so should YOU!


What controversies have you faced or come across. Do you have a process?

Is it working?  Think about it….I would love to hear from you.  How can I help?


Robert A. Costa Jr.

Risk Advisor, Executive Director, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Philanthropist, Do-Gooder

Never let an opportunity pass by, regardless of your age. The actions you take today will either build or erode your foundation of credibility that your career will be built upon. CREDIBILITY creates OPPORTUNITY. 

January 1, 2017

I tend to travel a lot. Sometimes for work, sometimes for pleasure.  Regardless … this gives me time to reflect and build on personal development.  The great philosopher Napoleon Hill once said “You have to keep moving forward, if you’re still your dead.”  Sometimes I criticize why or how I do the things I do but there’s always a reason.  Always continuing to learn, always growing, and always moving forward. We as people need to live with the decisions we make every single day.  Those decisions hold the power of our worth. They create opportunity.  Building Credibility.  The best part about it is that it doesn’t matter where you are from, what you do for work, or for recreation, or behind the scenes in your personal life, but credibility holds true.

For me, I work in sales as does a good percent of the world. There’s an element of sales in some form with your role too. For example; if you’re a doctor, at the beginning of your career you need to sell your personal brand to the health care institution/facility in which you’re employed, and will always continue to sell yourself to your patients.  You sell yourself to the college in which you applied to in order to gain education, the baseball team in which you desired to play in high school or even the theatre club in middle school.  You are actually the salesman in reverse when you purchase a car or a home or other large investments.  Selling is everywhere.

There are 2 examples in my life I want to share with you. The first was the other day when I had called on a friend from college who I hadn’t spoken to in years.  Her family owns a business that I was interested in working with.  I remember the days in my college business class when we would present our own concocted business plans to the entire class including our written marketing strategy.  Many in the class chose to shrug off the responsibility by goofing off when the professor wasn’t testing.  My years playing football taught me the 6 P’s:  “prior planning prevents piss poor performance.”  Because of this, I never took any practice presentations lightly as some may have. This proved advantageous to me on many occasions because when I wanted to make a professional connection with any former classmates, it was well prepared and organized.  She immediately knew what kind of person I was as we were speaking.  There’s a reason coaches preach, “How you play in practice is how you’re going to play in the game.” Had I not had good “practice” sessions, the “performance” might have been all for naught.  The family’s impression of me could have been diminished with a crude half-assed (for lack of a better term) services speech and my credibility which is also the credibility of the organizations I represent would not have been more than a momentary consideration.

The 2nd example of my realization of credibility comes on a larger scale. This gentleman is more educated, well travelled and well versed in working with organizations to bring their missions to fruition, than anyone I will ever know.  I was having breakfast the other day with him, and listened to him share his experience in recently receiving a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from President Barack Obama.  As we were catching up he mentioned he was selected to be 1 of only 2 chaplains representing the Unites States at the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor this past December 7th- 2016. Why is this important?  Because in life, regardless of the situation you are in, it is critical to make the most of every opportunity and build your foundation of credibility.  If it were not for a lifetime of GOOD deeds and credibility behind every action, my friend would not have had the “Opportunity” to have been selected to preside over such a prestigious ceremony.  Keep in mind he is in his 80’s and has had a lifetime to do so.

Whether you’re making a sales call, or continuing to build in your career as a medical professional, educator, philanthropist, florist, or whatever it may be, you cannot afford to sit back on your laurels unless you want to risk losing all credibility in a second. This must be the mindset.

I hope everyone can realize this sooner than later. You will be much better off. Some will never understand this concept, and will continue to ask why?  Why was I not chosen? Why was I not able to move up the promotional ladder? Why was I not able to get where I wanted to be in life?  The question for them will remain unanswered until they also understand what it means to be credible.

Did I mention CREDIBILITY is the key to success? These were just two of many examples contributing to my REALIZATION?

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.” – John Heywood, an English playwright


How has credibility affected or influenced your success?

What has it meant to you?

The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising


Recently, I was featured on The Eight Principles “The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising” website & podcast.

I was invited by the CEO, Larry Johnson. He is a graduate of both Yale University & Vanderbilt University and is ranked one of the nation’s top non-profit (not for profit/501(c)3) consultants and has an unbelievable track record. One of those guys who flies around the country consulting to non profits, and speaking at seminars, tradeshows and conferences. I am truly fortunate to even know this gentleman let alone, be a featured guest. Larry is pioneer in his industry, and total game changer when it comes to charity, philanthropy and non-profits.

We had an amazing 1 hr. conversation during his podcast around his 8th principle “Invest, Integrate, Evaluate.” Just one of eight areas fundraising and development offices/officers need to focus on. I really wanted to bring light to this, because I feel that not everyone knows individuals like this, and if I can make an introduction to people like Larry then it will only but be beneficial to our non-profits here in New England, specifically … the “SouthCoast” of MA.

“Just doing my job” as they say. : )

I see they way a lot charities, and non profits run in the work that I do as a Risk Advisor for FBinsure, and I can honestly say, more organizations need to have a Larry on their side!

Thanks for listening!

Just a kid from the Riv

*The PODCAST will only be available to his clients, and members on his website. If you are in the non-profit/not-for-profit community please explore his site and inquire. There are so many resources available to you, once you are there.

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FBinsure & the impact of joining NERCA.


Risk Advisor, Executive Director, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Philanthropist, Do-Gooder

“People who have expertise just love to share it. That’s human nature,” David Baldacci’s quote highlights the main reason I recently joined the prestigious North East Roofing Contractors Association, a passion to share my expertise and learn from others. Recently I was invited to join NERCA, and honestly when those in an industry you serve want you to be a part of their association, it’s a no-brainer. Since joining FBinsure, I have always known that we have a unique process and dynamic coverage specifically for this industry, but my insurance expertise can only go so far. It’s being connected with those experts working in the field everyday that gives me unparalleled insight into the needs of the industry.

Continuing to learn has always been a part of my way of doing things regardless of the industries I continue to serve. From materials and equipment to business property, contracts and employees it’s a never ending road when it comes to risks and exposures for roofers. The key is to delve deep, bring unique solutions to the table, and make the whole experience more enjoyable for everyone. After all… roofing companies just want to be “covered” don’t they?

Specifically for me, I am now able to share our message and offer our services in a more effective and informed way. We work with many roofers, and there is nothing more exciting than knowing we can make that much more of a difference in their organization, ensuring their business’s future. It may sound dry and boring, but at the end of the day you will know you have a strong foundation for the roof over your head.

We always ensure our clients will always be: properly covered, better represented in the marketplace, and well educated in today’s ever changing roofing industry.

It is safe to say I am looking forward to doing more, doing it better and making a bigger contribution.

FBinsure is here for you. We just might save the day! 

How can I help your organization?

I would love to hear from you.

*NERCA is a regional roofing contractors association covering the Northeast including: CT, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT and DE. HQ: Braintree, MA

The Power of Care


power of care

Robert A. Costa Jr.

Risk Advisor, Executive Director, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Philanthropist, Do-Gooder

The Power of CARE, when applied.   Are you applying this in every endeavor?

Disclaimer: the amount of times the word CARE is used, is but only for reinforcement; my apologies ahead of time.

To me; the most powerful four letter word behind LOVE, and there are many, is CARE. There’s a drastic difference in success between those who apply this in their lives and those who don’t. We are the captains of our own ships. Our navigation determines what ocean we end up in; if an ocean at all. Some are stuck in rivers or even streams.

Everyone knows there are many moving parts to this thing called life, right? There is no need to go into great detail here, but to sum it up, you have on the field and off the field responsibilities. Meaning career and personal. If you care at work you will ultimately have a career with that organization. If you care at home and in your personal life, it will only make your relationships stronger. I have positioned myself exactly where I want to be, and it’s all because in everything I do, I CARE. Granted there’s more to it, like education, and experience, but the point is you need to apply CARE. Regardless of your occupation, this is a world where people make decisions emotionally. Why not meet emotion with emotion? As a doctor, you do what you do because you care. As a police officer you do what you do because you care. As a teacher you do what you do because you care. There needs to be more of this in business. Like getting into something, some career because you care, and not just making it about the money… because then you will truly see how much impact you have on that organization and how much impact that organization has on the world.

As I write this, I realize where my ship is on the map. I am positioned between being an Executive Director of a startup non-profit that brings in thousands of dollars every year, and hundreds of participants, Dodgeballin’ For Kids; where I work to raise funds for childrens’ based organizations through dodge ball tournaments. That’s just what I do for fun, because I care about children, and making sure there are programs out there for them to help better their future. During the day I work with organizations as a Risk Advisor for the greatest most innovative insurance agency in the country, to minimize risk, so that in turn my clients can ultimately save money and be able to fund other aspects of their business for future growth. Keeping as many businesses in business as I can is a goal of mine.

Apply CARE to everything you do especially when you are younger. It’s better to start early. You differentiate yourself. In a world where there is so much self-this and self-that, ignorance, selfishness, those that display CARE standout and move forward. Sort of like an ice-breaker in the Atlantic, a ship that is meant for a continued path down success lane because it stands out.

How does CARE relate to business? Many people like to replace the word sell with help…but guess what? If you don’t actually CARE, there’s no point because that transition simply won’t happen. Where selling and care meet is when you actually help. Too many times in my career I have run across salesmen or development professionals in the non-profit world that do the work like machines. They make the calls and write the proposals better than anyone, but barely show that caring quality. If you don’t show some emotion to the decision maker that you care, then it’s useless. You are wasting your time. Think about it from the decision maker’s perspective. They want to buy or work with someone, or an organization who cares about them, and the toughest thing on their end, is figuring out who actually does care. Thousands and thousands of companies are out there. All have potential to work with each other, but who is the right fit? Naturally the one who cares the most. When you take two entities or people who care about the work they do and the value they can bring to the table, then you sir/mam, have a deadly combination.

While we are on the ship theme, it’s only natural that I make this pun…. “DON’T LET THE SHIP SAIL AWAY (meaning opportunity) BECAUSE OF YOUR LACK IN ABILITY TO SHOW THAT YOU CARE”

One of the key foundational motives that shows I CARE that I’ve built into MY ship, is that at the end of the day, the bottom line is … “The best thing in life is helping those around you, but more importantly watching them succeed”

ice breaker

What does CARE mean to you? What has happened to your success since you started applying this quality in your work?
Think about it….
How can I help your organization?
I would love to hear from you…